President Trump Shut Down This Hispanic News Anchor!

Image Source: Univision screengrab from video below

Univision’s Jorge Ramos and President Trump have a brief history and it isn’t one of mutual appreciation.

Jorge Ramos was complaining that President Trump wouldn’t answer his question but Ramos was interrupting him during the Primary, but President Trump responded calmly saying that if he came back and asked his question politely that he would gladly answer it.

Of course Ramos never did that and proceeded to join the media bandwagon trying to tear President Trump down.

Now Ramos has taken things even further in a speech that could have been given to accomplish one thing. Show the true wish of immigrants coming from Mexico.

The United States is built from LEGAL immigration from everywhere in the world, but since when did illegal immigration become an issue that people argued over?

Our country is one of LEGAL immigrants, not illegal ones, but that’s not how Jorge Ramos sees it.

In his speech he went as far as to say America belongs to the illegal immigrants.

They don’t want our culture they want us to adapt to theirs. They don’t want to join our society they want to take advantage of it and make us pay as we have to become more like them.

This is what Ramos had to say via NewsBusters:

This is also our country. Let me repeat this: OUR country, not theirs. It is our country. And we are not going to leave. We are nearly 60 million Latinos in the United States. And thanks to US, the United States eats, grows and, as we’ve seen today, sings and dances. So when they attack us, we already know what we are going to do. We are not going to sit down. We will not shut up. And we will not leave. That is what we are going to do.

Jorge Ramos doesn’t want to join the American culture. He thinks he owns America. He doesn’t want to share. He wants to own it for himself and the illegal immigrants!

Share this everywhere to shut this man down before he can spread his lies and hate any more!

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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