DISGUSTING! Hillary Clinton Said 1 Thing After Macron’s Victory That Proves How Horrible She Is!

Image Source: Hillary for Iowa

Hillary Clinton is easily one of the most self-centered people on the planet and that couldn’t be any more apparent than what she said after French candidate Macron won the election.

Macron, who seemed to be just as scandal filled as Clinton herself, pulled out an astonishing victory, but in Hillary Clinton’s eyes Macron wasn’t the one that won.

Hillary Clinton was the one that won. Because she is such a sterling example of freedom and democracy right?

Hillary Clinton claims that the media is silencing her talking about Democracy. That statement has to be the biggest joke since her campaign.

But none the less self-centered Hillary makes Macron’s victory all about her because she is what every great leader strives to be right?

A two time presidential failure that had to cheat to make it out of the primary.

Hillary Clinton not only stands for everything that is wrong with our government, she is also claiming the be the voice of reason calling out those “interfering with democracy.”

Hillary Clinton interfered with the justice system by deleting thousands of emails and when she cheated Bernie Sanders out of a fair shot at the primary, she wasn’t cheating?

Hillary Clinton is an even bigger joke now than she was before the election!

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