Hillary Clinton Fantasizes About Her ‘Instrumental’ Role in Irish Peace Process… Again


There she goes again.

That Walter Mitty would-be-world-famous-diplomat who saved the island of Ireland and brought the peace that had eluded its leaders and negotiators for three centuries has come back.

Who are we talking about?

Well, that would be Hillary Clinton, Savior of the Celtic Isle.

It’s hard to believe, but Clinton is once again replaying her make-believe claim that she played an important role in the Irish peace process.

Don’t believe her. It wasn’t true when she made it up years ago and it’s still not true. She didn’t play any role. None at all.

By all accounts, (except her own) Hillary was a by-stander who accompanied her husband to Ireland — as any first lady would. But unlike her predecessors, Hillary had fanciful delusions about her own relevance and importance in the historical Irish peace process.

Her easily exposed fibs and exaggerations have been well documented.

The particular lines of lies about Ireland started during her 2008 presidential campaign when Clinton told National Public Radio that she played an “instrumental” role in ending the century’s old “Troubles” between the Irish Catholics and Protestants in order to shore up her involvement in something — anything — outside of domestic policy.

We exposed her growing embellishments in several columns in 2007 and 2008 and showed that it was only Bill and Hillary who believed that she had anything to do with the peace process — and they didn’t recall it when they wrote their multi-million dollar memoirs.

Even the Obama campaign vehemently denied that she had any role whatsoever. After that, she laid low for a while.

But now she’s on the loose again. In an interview at the all-women’s club, The Wing, on April 3, Hillary gratuitously threw in this line:

“I was involved in the Irish peace process and the Good Friday Accord.”

It was a throw-away line. They weren’t discussing Ireland in any way, shape, or form.

What the heck would make her go down that road again?

Just being Hillary! Remember how she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia? Except the imaginary snipers turned out to be innocent little girls handing her bouquets of flowers.

She’d been thoroughly and publicly humiliated by those dedicated public servants who actually did play a role in Ireland. David Trimble, the head of the Northern Ireland delegation who ceaselessly negotiated for peace and shared the Ulster Nobel Peace Prize for the success of the Good Friday Accord, called Hillary’s claim “a wee bit silly.” He said, “I don’t want to rain on the thing for her, but being a cheerleader for something is slightly different from being a principal player.”

Former U.S. George Mitchell, who spent years working for the peace, barely mentioned her in his book, “Making Peace,” saying only that she “encouraged women in Northern Ireland to get involved.” He also confirmed that she wasn’t “directly involved” in the process at all.

And Mitchell never referred to her in his speech at the U.N. when he received the U.N. Peace Prize.

Former IRA leader Gerry Adams, who was publicly legitimized and rehabilitated by Bill Clinton, politely recalled that “I met the senator on many occasions when she was first lady, and subsequently when she became a senator for New York State. I always found her to be extremely well informed on the issues.”

So meeting Gerry Adams and knowing the issues makes one influential in the peace process?

But throughout her campaign for the presidency in 2008, Hillary and Bill Clinton boldly rewrote history, claiming that her success in bringing peace to Ireland was all part of the vast experience that made her qualified for the White House.

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