Hillary Attacks Trump Then She Gets Response From Kellyanne Conway!

Image source: Youtube

Hillary is back! She is alive! And she started attacking president Trump again!

So she think she can revenge to Trump for the loss by attacking him!

BAD IDEA! She got ruined very soon by Trump senior adviser!

President Trump’s former campaign competitor Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to poke at him on Thursday after his travel ban executive order had been struck down by an appeals court, and she had a very simple message. The reference is to the legal battles he’s lost over the ban, with this latest one being the most dire.

But, it didn’t take long for Trump’s top advisor, Kellyanne Conway to come back at her with her own snarky tweet:

Those, of course, are the states that Trump flipped in the election to rip victory from Hillary and devastate the Democratic party.

HAHA! She is so right! Conway is the best! She is very very dangerous to all Trump haters!

Nobody can handle a fight with her! Trump is a big trouble, he is being attacked from the mighty Clinton PR machine, and he need all the help we can give him!

His aides are fighting very hard to support him! They are dying on the battlefield and things are very hard now!

All the policies Trump is doing are campaign promises Trump already gave to the public and the public voted for him because of that!

And now Trump is just trying to deliver all he already promised!

He is going to survive all of this, he is going to be the best president ever!


(h/t) The Blaze