REVEALED: Hawaii Just Showed N. Korea Its ‘Secret Weapon’ to Destroy Kim Jong-Un

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The threat from North Korea is very real. Although the communist dictatorship does not have the best missiles in the world, nor the best military, they remain poised to strike at one of our allies with some serious hardware.

Under President Donald Trump, Pyongyang is no longer being humored. In Hawaii, the U.S. Department of Transportation just rolled out a missile telemetry ship called the MV Pacific Collector, a 393-foot ship designed for missile defense. (via Daily Mail)

The MV Pacific Collector, which currently sits in the port of Aloha, is designed to intercept ballistic missiles that are fired from the ground. Almost all of North Korea’s weapons systems are ground-based.

Just this weekend, North Korea test fired a ballistic missile that sputtered into the ocean. The U.S. Pacific Command claimed that the missile fired was “not consistent with an intercontinental ballistic missile.” (via Reuters)

North Korea’s bad behavior is not only a UN violation, but it comes just after South Korea elected Moon Jae-in, a liberal, and a former human rights lawyer who sought to create a more open dialogue with Pyongyang.

Thanks to this missile launch, the brand new president had to release a presser saying: “The president expressed deep regret over the fact that this reckless provocation… occurred just days after a new government was launched in South Korea.” (via CTV News)

As much as President Moon may want to head off further conflict with North Korea, dictator Kim Jong-un may make things impossible.

North Korea’s actions, while clearly intended to intimidate the good people of Seoul, were also meant as a warning against the upcoming war games exercises involving South Korea, the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

North Korea has long maintained the position that these military exercises are training programs for a future invasion of their homeland, and as a result, they launch missiles in order to keep possible invaders at bay.

The one thing that these missile tests have accomplished is establishing a greater sense of urgency in Washington and Tokyo. In Congress, lawmakers are currently scrambling to find the funding, and the will, to build-up new missile defense systems. (via The Hill)

After getting the cold shoulder from the Obama administration for eight years, R&D spending on military technology may be on the rise, and it’s all thanks to President Trump — no longer are we going to run from some pot-bellied dictator.

President Donald Trump has shown a willingness to confront the communist monster head-on. Pyongyang is about to realize that they’re threatening a new America.

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