BREAKING: Hannity Just Destroyed The Liberal Media With 1 Word!

The liberal media has been horrible throughout the election and they are only continuing their biased reporting and lying now that Trump destroyed Hillary Clinton, their investment, in the election.

Sean Hannity has something to say about his lying liberal “compatriots.”

According to The Wrap:

Fox News host Sean Hannity replied, “Amen,” when one of his followers tweeted that particular news organizations should not receive White House press credentials during the Donald Trump administration because Wikileaks proved they colluded with Hillary Clinton.

Hannity is one of President-elect Trump’s allies in the media and WikiLeaks discovered, among other things, that DNC chair and former CNN pundit Donna Brazile sent town hall and debate questions to the Clinton campaign before CNN events during the Democratic primary race against Bernie Sanders.

“CNN, NYT, WaPo & others shown to have colluded by should not receive WH press credentials,” one user tweeted to Hannity’s delight.

The only person outed by WikiLeaks to have been shown any form of justice was the firing of Donna Brazile by CNN for leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton. This is not enough.

Anyone shown to have been colluding with the DNC should have all of their press credentials revoked. These people stand up everyday and tell their viewers that what they report is true when is is the exact opposite.

These people can’t be trusted and it has to stop now.

Part of the way that we can show these lying reporters justice is by not watching any of their lying shows to kill their ratings.

They only care about the money and if they aren’t making any then they will potentially begin to clean house and fix the problem, but we’ll believe it when we see it.

Share this everywhere to show what the lying liberal media should really be face with!

H/T The Wrap Title Image from Flikr