GOP Will Question Kerry on Divulging Israeli Secrets to Iran in Climate Hearing

John Kerry

John Kerry, former Secretary of State under the Obama administration and current part of the Biden administration’s Climate Envoy will finally have to answer questions about his possibly treasonous behavior. Kerry may testify in person at a hearing being titled “Driving a Global, Whole-of-Society Response to Climate Actions.”

Fox News reports “the hearing will focus on steps to combat climate change as the Biden administration moves forward with its goal of cutting U.S. carbon emissions in half by 2030.” However, the hearing will also “mark Kerry’s first public appearance since reports surfaced of an audio file in which Zarif purportedly claimed that Kerry had leaked sensitive information about Israel while serving as secretary of state under the Obama administration.”

The hearing will take place before the House Foreign Affairs Committee next Wednesday and Republicans plan to grill Kerry on his conversations with Iran’s Zarif. Leaked audio suggests Kerry allegedly shared Israeli military secrets with the Iranian official.

The audio was first leaked by London-based Iran International and then obtained and published by the New York Times. In the audio, Zarif says Kerry informed him that Israel attacked Iranian interests in Syria roughly 200 times.

Kerry played a significant role in the Iran Nuclear Deal during the Obama administration, and now Biden officials are contemplating rejoining as part of a diplomatic strategy to further relations with Iran. Many, however, are adamantly against a nuclear deal which would mean a “nuclear holocaust” as described by the website petitioning against a deal,

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