General James “Mad Dog” Mattis Breaks The Silence And Drops Major Announcement

Mad Dog Mattis

Mad Dog Mattis

While making a trip to Germany for the yearly Munich Security Conference, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis suggested clarified that the fundamental issue staring him in the face is the place to put every one of the ISIS prisoners of war.

He went so far as to recommend that it would be simpler if the ISIS warriors had kicked the bucket on the war zone like they generally said they wanted to.

Daily Caller revealed that Secretary of Defense Mattis is engrossed with where the U.S. will put every one of those surrendered forces.

I needed to lay out the problem,” Mattis told reporters assigned to cover him at the conference, where he will open the session with a speech Friday afternoon. “We have hundreds of prisoners who don’t have quite the same amount of zeal they once pronounced when they were winning that they would fight to the death. It seems like hundreds of them are not quite that committed.

He went ahead to state that ISIS prisoners are cooling their heels in a temporary holding tank at this moment and that he means to raise the issue at the Munich meeting. Mattis clarified that he is “under no illusion” that any convenient solution can be found to reduce the requirement for more jail space.

The general at that point said that endeavors to expand the per capita defense of NATO nations to be spot on course, as eight member states will accomplish the two percent target this year while another 14 are on track to arrive by 2024.

Year-on-year across the alliance, 2017 saw the largest growth … as a percentage of GDP, and the largest real growth in a quarter century,” Mattis declared.

We’re happy that we at long last have an administration that isn’t reluctant to make a move against ISIS.

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h/t Daily Caller