Franklin Graham: Trump’s win was a GOD’S Miracle!

Image Source: Youtube

Trump’s victory was a miracle from god!

We already know this, but is very different when very famous and respected religious leader will say it publicly!

God had a hand in electing Donald Trump to the White House, Franklin Graham, son of famed evangelist Billy Graham, said on “Fox and Friends” Sunday.

Graham explained that the common theme he experienced during the 2016 election season — as he held prayer meetings in all 50 state capitals — is that Americans feel that their country is heading in the wrong direction and want intervention from God to turn things around.

Americans were praying that God would change this and put somebody in the White House that believed in God, and would listen to God’s voice,” Graham said.

And according to Graham, those prayers were answered last November. “I believe — no question — that God’s hand was in it,” he said.

Watch his complete interview below:

He is so right! Trump is a present from God to America!

We needed him so much! He is the best that happened to America for so long…

We need someone like him to help us solve our problems and our big challenges for the future!

His business and life experience and his interesting way of thinking is exactly what we need!

America is a Christian country and finally our prayers were answered by god!

So thanks god, we are praying now for blessed America and good health to our president!

So everything is in our hands, we should start working according to the bible teachings and our ideas and our vision!

(h/t) The Blaze