FOX News Broke Obamagate Wide Open! See Who Leaked Trump Team Members!

Image Source: FOX News

The hearings on President Trump’s connection with Russia have only shown that Trump is guilty of none of the accusations that the Democrats have thrown at him.

And imagine that the same people were wrong when they denied President Trump’s wiretapping claims, that Obama surveilled Trump Tower during the election.

And just to make it three times, these same Democrats and media outlets were also wrong when they attacked House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes for going to the White House to get the intel to CONFIRM that Trump was surveilled by a broadly cast net on Trump Tower.

The lying media and Democrats tried to use Nunes’ visit to the White House as collusion between Trump and him, but it was the farthest thing from that.

There are only two places that Rep. Nunes could have gotten the classified intelligence that he needed to confirm President Trump was surveilled.

One is at the intelligence agency itself, but the other one is an after hours room in the White House that is used for access to classified intelligence.

The problem with Nunes going to the intelligence agency is that they were stonewalling him and wouldn’t allow him access, so he had to go to the only other place he could.

But Nunes didn’t just find out about the surveillance of Trump Tower, but he also discovered that it was put into place way before January.

FOX News reporter Adam Housley broke down the entire situation from sources within the intelligence community that are tired of their agencies being politicized.

Intelligence communities were working with the Democrats and Obama to hurt Trump’s name! These people don’t want peace, they want their power back!

This just blew up Obamagate! This confirms that Obama surveilled President Trump!

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