Fox News Bombshell – Obama Library to Cost Taxpayers HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS (Details)

Barack Obama was an utter joke as president for eight full years.

44 did nothing good for the country. NOTHING!

And yet, Americans are still left floating the bill for this conniving politician.

Check out how much it’ll cost taxpayers to build his library…

From Fox News:

The planned Obama Presidential Center in Chicago is being privately funded, but on Friday city officials estimated how much taxpayers will pay for roadwork and other construction around the center: $175 million.

It was the first time city officials put a specific dollar figure on the expected cost to the public, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“These proposed investments are intended to make the (center) and surrounding Jackson Park a world-class destination on par with Chicago’s Museum Campus,” the city’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) told the newspaper, in a statement accompanying the figures.


Chicago Tribune has more:

According to the transportation report, an analysis of traffic volumes was done and indicates there would be no “significant traffic impacts” as a result of the project. The city predicts that most Cornell traffic would be diverted to Lake Shore Drive, with the rest going to Stony Island and other routes.

Besides the closing of Cornell between the North Midway Plaisance and Hayes Drive, other roadway segments that would be closed and converted into open space would be South Midway Plaisance between Stony Island Avenue and Cornell Drive, and Marquette Drive between Stony Island and Richards Drive.

The proposal also would cause a loss of about 236 on-street parking spaces, though the city said it would still leave enough for peak demand.

Such a waste of good money that could be put to better use!