FINISH THE WALL: Hundreds Of Miles To Be Completed By 2020 Presidential Election

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President Trump’s biggest campaign promise may be fulfilled just days ahead of his 2020 presidential re-election effort.

That’s right—the wall is being built right now and the company constructing it announced they will have several hundred miles finished by November of next year.

The Washington Examiner reports Department of Homeland Security planning and project managers visited border sites where Fisher Industries, the company tasked with building the wall, were already working.

Justin Murphy, the general manager Fisher Industries’ sub-company Stinger Bridge and Iron, said his company can complete a few hundred miles of the new border wall over the next few months at a reliable one mile per day rate.

Trump originally asked for $5.7 billion in December to build 234 miles of wall. Since Trump took office, about 1.5 miles of the wall have been completed per month, and most of that is replacement wall, not in new areas. Hundreds of millions of dollars, roughly half of what DHS received each year, was spent on administrative and procurement costs.

Fisher said it can build all 234 miles for $1.4 billion. For another $3 billion, it will pave concrete roads the length of the wall and install lighting and technology on it. Funding from 2017 and 2018 has led to just 40 miles of completed wall, most of which replaced dilapidated structures.

Some Republican lawmakers, notably Sen. Kevin Kramer, R-N.D., have started to publicly criticize DHS for relying solely on the Army Corps of Engineers to build the wall. Kramer told DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen earlier this month to fire the corps and look for other contractors.

The company was selected during a federal bid process in mid-2017 as of one of the eight wall prototype builders and built a concrete wall.

The company showed the federal officials exactly how the construction was taking place, using cranes to plant the 8-foot segments into the ground.

The demonstrating crew was able to install 56 feet of barrier in 30 minutes, the Washington Examiner reports. The company is also working towards quickening this rate.

It takes them 20 to 30 minutes after it’s picked up with the crane over to align it,” Murphy said per the report. “We’re eliminating all the needs for cranes.