Feinstein and Pelosi engaged in a criminal conspiracy

Dianne Feinstein

The United Public Workers for Action issued an official statement saying that Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Nancy Pelosi engaged in a criminal conspiracy to falsify toxic radioactive waste samples in Hunter’s Point San Francisco, and historically African American neighborhood where cancer rates related to radioactive exposure have skyrocketed in recent years.

Called the largest Eco-Fraud in the history of the United States this is the biggest redevelopment project in San Francisco history. Florida-based mega-developer Lennar Corp has won hundreds of millions of federal tax payer’s dollars in suspicious no-bid contracts for the transformation of the former nuclear weapons testing laboratory. Hunter’s Point is an EPA Superfund site contaminated with radioactive pollution—has been on hold since 2016 when the EPA halted development while a fraud scandal and widespread deliberate falsification could be investigated.

According to the EPA, 97 percent of the test data must be retested and show deliberate falsification.

Tetra Tech, the company with the multimillion-dollar contract to do the cleanup has admitted to providing false soil samples in 2014 but inexplicably been allowed to continue working unsupervised.

Tetra Tech has admittedly falsified data by pulling soil samples from the area is known to be clean and passing them off as soil from areas known to be dirty; faking chain-of-custody records, and faking results at on-site testing laboratories. The EPA review concluded that of 97 percent of the samples in one parcel and 90 percent in the others were have been falsified. Two other agencies joined the EPA; the California Department of Toxic Substances Control and Department of Public Health.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility has concluded that Pelosi and Feinstein criminally conspired to cover-up massive fraud and illegal falsification of testing.
Gavin Newsom Governor-Elect is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. Another nephew—Laurence Pelosi—is Newsom’s campaign treasurer and former vice president of acquisitions for Lennar. He is currently with Morgan Stanley Real Estate, along with Sen. Feinstein’s husband Ricard Blum, have large stakes in the project. Both Feinstein and Pelosi have been facilitators in Lennar Corp. receiving this mega federal largesse with no competition and both have been openly criticized for their seemingly illegal involvement.

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