FBI investigating threats against Georgia election officials amid voter fraud allegations

The FBI is investigating threats being made against Georgia’s top election officials amid allegations of voter fraud, according to reports.

In a joint operation with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), agents are probing targeted threats made against Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and members of his team, Deputy Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs confirmed to Forbes, without detailing the threats.

“The GBI has information of possible threats. We are in the process of investigating any such statements directed at Georgia officials to determine their credibility,” GBI said in a statement, according to local news anchor Rahul Bali.

The confirmation came a day after the Peach State’s voting system manager, Gabriel Sterling, complained of threats being made against him.

“So this is fun … multiple attempted hacks of my emails, police protection around my home, the threats,” Sterling, a Republican, tweeted Saturday.

Despite calling himself a “proud” supporter of President Trump, Raffensperger has also found himself repeatedly under attack over the handling of the state’s election process after declaring Joe Biden the victor after a hand recount.

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