FBI Director Christopher Wray has been hiding his connections to a Russian Energy Company likely connected to Uranium One

FBI Director Christopher Wray represented a Russian energy company before he became FBI Director.

Why has FBI Director Wray kept this a secret?

We’ve uncovered that Christopher Wray has connections to a Russian energy company. Per a review of Wray’s bio at the firm he represented before coming to the FBI, King and Spalding, Wray represented a Russian energy company.

Wray’s bio at the King and Spalding was later hidden where this was reported. The Wayback Machine shows Wray’s bio as follows:

According to his resume, Wray “helped lead the Department’s efforts to address the wave of corporate fraud scandals and restore integrity to U.S. financial markets”.  We don’t know how Wray restored integrity to the markets, but we do know Wray worked on the Enron investigation with then FBI Director Bob Mueller and had crooked Andrew Weissmann reporting to himself.  These men were instrumental nearly 20 years later running the corrupt Russia collusion investigation.

Looking back, the corrupt team running the Enron investigation attempted to destroy President Trump the same way they did corporate officials at Enron.

Wray’s bio at King and Spalding also states the following:

  1. Wray represented a company president in a criminal investigation by Russian authorities.
  2. Wray represented the governor in New Jersey in connectoin with investigations relate to the George Washington Bridge toll lane closings.

We know that Wray and Governor Chris Christie were good friends because Christie is who reportedly encouraged President Trump to hire Wray as FBI Director.

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