FBI Admits Obama Was RIGGING U.S. Election For Hillary

The Democrats were so convinced that they would win the election; they were so convinced that they failed to cover the evidence of their crimes.

Hillary Clinton should have been charged for mishandling classified information, but Obama covered for her. FBI Director James Comey admitted that Obama’s Justice Department, through Attorney General Loretta Lynch, rigged the election for Hillary Clinton by providing her with political cover.  (via New York Times)

A leaked email from a top Democrat operative — which has not yet been made public — expressed confidence that the email scandal investigation would not result in charges.

Loretta Lynch acted on behalf of Obama to give the former president plausible deniability. This is a huge scandal, patriots.

The operative who wrote the email was confident that charges would not be brought because Loretta Lynch had control over the decisions of the supposedly independent FBI. The mainstream media will not report on this story.

It is unknown who wrote the email confirming that the Obama administration was aiding Clinton. Many suspect it was campaign manager John Podesta, or even Barack Obama himself. We need to investigate this incident further.

James Comey was aware that Loretta Lynch was providing cover for Clinton early into the investigation. After the FBI began their questioning Lynch lied to the public and denied an investigation was taking place.

Lynch ordered Comey to refer the the mishandling of classified information as a “matter” and not an “investigation,” leading one prosecutor to quip, “I guess you’re the Federal Bureau of Matters now.” Wow, this is disgusting!

Though he may deny accountability, former President Obama’s hands are all over this major scandal. One of the biggest crimes in recent history was allowed to go unpunished because the Democrats were afraid of losing an election. The Left loves to cheat.

Democrats cannot win a fair election and resort to cheating at every turn. To make matters worse, preventing the FBI from prosecuting was just one of the efforts of the Obama administration to tip the scales in favor of Clinton.

The Democrats spied on Trump, colluded with the media, employed millions of illegal voters, infiltrated Trump rallies, and bused people to multiple polling stations. Where is the mainstream media on this?

Should they lock up Obama and throw away the key? Let America know!