Donald Trump Just Unleashed His Secret Weapon!

Donald Trump has had several ground breaking ads so far in this campaign, but this one takes the cake.


The liberal media would like you to think that Donald Trump degrades women and is racist, but they are just trying to protect their dear Hillary from losing.

These lies were all put out to pasture after Donald Trump just released his secret weapon.

His daughter Ivanka Trump!

TIME reported:

A new ad for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stars his daughter Ivanka Trump, part of an effort to appeal to more women voters, who still favor Hillary Clinton.


“The most important job any woman can have is being a mother, and it shouldn’t mean taking a pay cut,” Ivanka Trump says in the 30-second ad released Friday.

Ivanka Trump, a business executive and mother to three young children, has become the face of much of Donald Trump’s outreach to women voters. She has been actively involved in the recent rollout of her father’s policies on childcare in the workforce. The presidential candidate has said he supports child-care tax credits, paid maternity leave and subsidies for stay-at-home parents, which his daughter addresses in the new ad.

This is just the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton.

She will be running around furiously to try and counter this ad. This is because no one trusts Hillary especially after stabbing everyone in the back that is helping her.

Donald Trump is the peoples’ candidate and he just showed it with Ivanka’s message.

Hillary Clinton isn’t a representative mother figure.

Does a good parent break the law repeatedly? Does a good parent try to rig the election.

No they don’t.

This is why we have to share this message for Donald Trump so everyone can see Hillary for who she really is.

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