Trump’s Daring Attempt to Protect America — Destroys North Korea With 1 Phone Call

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Many months ago, after a breathless media waited for Chinese leader, Xi Jinping to emerge from his meeting with Donald Trump, they were very disappointed when an elated Jinping announced the gathering a great success. You see, despite the big talk during the campaign about China manipulating currency and unfair trading practices, China wanted to remain in the capitalist marketplace.

One way for them to do so was to deal with Trump’s demands. In return, China (and this is the writer’s theory) begged Donald Trump to begin dialing up the rhetoric against North Korea. For years, China had been defending this maniac and his family, only to be slapped in the face by the rogue nation. China once boasted a very influential pull over North Korea, but Kim Jong-un changed all that when he began threatening the US and its allies.

In an effort to strike a deal, Donald Trump agreed to put pressure on North Korea, while China feigned their hands being “tied by United Nation sanctions” and halted the shipments of Chinese petroleum to North Korea.

That set up this latest phone call that President Trump felt compelled to make when Pyongyang began saber-rattling once again. That one phone call to China hopefully made all the difference as they have now agreed to intervene with their own missiles should North Korea launch any toward the US and its allies!

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Conservative Tribune:

After President Donald Trump urged China to do something about the problem known as Kim Jong Un, it appeared that the nation has made its boldest anti-North Korean move yet.

The South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese military conducted a drill Tuesday morning in which it shot down “incoming missiles” near the Korean peninsula.

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The exercise began at midnight and came two days after North Korea conducted its latest nuclear test. The drill challenged China’s air force to shoot down simulated low flying missiles in the skies over Bohai Bay, according to a report by military news outlet, the Post reported.

The practice was also said to defend against a “surprise attack” coming from over the sea, according to Chinese state media, Reuters reported.

The People’s Liberation Army allegedly shot down missiles at its first attempt, the report said.

The troops rapid response capabilities and actual combat levels have effectively been tested,” the Chinese media stated.

The drill was the third in the area since late July.

Beijing naval expert Li Jie said that China’s quick response to PyongYang’s latest nuclear test was a serious indication that it did not support North Korea’s behavior.

It looks like China might be beginning to take Trump’s pressure seriously and prepare for the worst, especially since it appears that Kim has shown no indication that he will stop growing his country’s nuclear weapons program.

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If this is an honest olive branch on the part of the Chinese, it’s very possible that this will finally put an end to the craziness of the North Korean leader. If Kim Jong-un is aware that China will be stopping any and all launches by them, he will most likely think twice about wasting his time.

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