What Donald Trump Just Did After New Zealand Earthquake Proves He Is A GREAT Leader!

Donald Trump can’t stop winning. Not only did he win the election but the stock market is on the rise and now he has already shown his Presidential merit after the destructive earthquake that struck New Zealand.

Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet and he called the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key to see if there was anything that he could do to help!


According to the NZ Herald:

Prime Minister John Key said several world leaders had contacted him about the earthquakes, including an attempt by US President-elect Donald Trump.

Key told Newshub it was important to try to stop earthquakes impacting on the tourism industry.

“I do slightly worry about earthquakes because the news travels around the world, this is a big one – 7.5. A lot of leaders around the world that I know contacted me so they’re seeing it on their TV sets.”

Speaking on Mike Hosking Breakfastthis morning, Key said United States President-elect Donald Trump had tried to call him yesterday.

“That’s the message I got. I didn’t see it but he’s been trying to hook up.

“I suspect the combination of just wanting to make that first call and I’m sure they would have got reports of what had happened.”

Trump didn’t leave a number but Key said he had a number for him and expected the call would happen today or tomorrow.

Donald Trump already isn’t taking a day off. He doesn’t even have the job yet and is acting the part. Notice there was no mention of President Obama calling Prime Minister Key.

Donald Trump is 1000 times the leader that Obama is and will turn this country around with his exceptional leadership.

Please share this everywhere to show America made the right choice for their President!

H/T The NZ Herald Title Image from WikiPedia