Donald Trump Openly Charges Barack Obama For Criminal Conspiracies Against Him

For quite a while, the liberal media has been pushing the fake Russia narrative. They want you to believe that Donald Trump worked with Russia to steal the election. There’s been no evidence. But we still have to put up with a bogus investigation.

We are learning something much different, however. Details have come out that the previous administration was violating the law. They were using the discredited dossier of Christopher Steele’s to justify warrants against Trump’s team.

Now Trump is firing back at former President Obama and listing the charges that Barack committed against him. The actions that Trump is charging on Obama are nothing short of shocking. His words will no doubt spark new demands from the American people.

From Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump took aim at the Department of Justice and FBI’s decision to investigate members of his campaign during the 2016 presidential election with a Monday morning tweet…

Trump however has consistently questioned the FBI and Justice Department’s investigations into his campaign and has decried efforts as a “witch hunt” to prove collusion with the Russian government. The president has also repeatedly knocked his predecessor for not taking more forceful action against the Russian government’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.

The President and his allies have pointed to a recent memo from the Republican committee staff on the House Intelligence Committee which alleges broad abuse of FISA authority to spy on former Trump campaign staffer Carter Page. The memo showed that the FBI used the politically motivated opposition research document, known as the Steele dossier, as justification to obtain a surveillance warrant.

It doesn’t matter who you supported in 2016. Obama had no right to interfere in the election. He used his power to spy on the Trump administration, based on zero evidence. He violated the U.S. Constitution, in the hopes of finding dirt to smear the Trump campaign. All to give ‘Crooked Hillary’ the win.

That sounds like collusion to me. Sounds like a violation of our democracy too.

Yet where is the investigation? For over a year we had to put up with Mueller’s bogus case. Nothing has proven that Trump did anything wrong. But we have evidence that Obama did worse things than Watergate. He abused numerous government agencies to spy on Americans.

So why isn’t that administration in hot water?

It’s up to us to demand justice. We Americans must not let Obama and his cronies get away with their crimes. We must demand our leaders to launch investigations that get to the truth of the matter.

Otherwise, what is the point of our democracy?