‘Democrats Are In A Box’: Graham Says Pelosi’s Impeachment Push Just Backfired

Nancy Pelosi

While a few Never-Trump Republicans have sided with Democrats in their support of impeachment against former President Donald Trump, it appears that most of the GOP opposes the idea.

During an interview on Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham revealed that many Senate Democrats are souring on the effort pushed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because they know there will be political ramifications.

“There’s more than a handful of Democrats praying that [President] Joe Biden will get on the phone and call [Senate Democratic Leader Chuck] Schumer and say it’s over because they understand this is going to blow up in their face politically,” he said.

The South Carolina Republican insisted that his party is largely united against the impeachment effort.

Following a recent meeting with the GOP leaders, Graham declared that he had “never felt better about the Republican Senate conference being united behind the idea that what the House did was wrong in terms of process.”

While Graham had initially distanced himself from Trump in the immediate aftermath of the riot, he has since been vocal in his opposition to the impeachment effort.

“The second impeachment of Donald Trump is not wearing well over time,” he said. “Democrats are in a box. They started this thing in the House, they impeached the president of the United States in Nancy Pelosi’s House in less than 50 hours from bringing it up to a conclusion, without a lawyer, not one witness was called.”

As a result, Graham predicted that the Senate will “have an overwhelmingly Republican vote that this second impeachment of Donald Trump in unconstitutional.”

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