Democrat Senator Tried To Attack Trump, But Ended Up Falling Apart Instead!

Maxine Waters

Democratic Senator from California Maxine Waters went on a rant today on the Senate floor about President Trump and what she said will make you lose your mind!

Maxine Waters is calling for President Trump’s impeachment, but if that wasn’t enough she couldn’t even remember the name of the Syrian Capital Aleppo and also claims that Putin is invading “Korea.”

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a person calling for the impeachment of our President.

Try harder next time Democrats because you just made yourself look like idiots with this one.

Maxine Waters was probably trying to refer to Crimea where Putin stepped in and maintained stability during the Ukranian government uprising.

The fact that someone in our Senate can’t even name the Syrian Capital Aleppo or Crimea is more worrisome than her trivial attempt at gathering support for impeachment.

Waters continues on about how President Trump is getting himself impeached rather than her calling for it, but even Nancy Pelosi saw how badly Waters was tanking and jumped in to try and rescue her, but in the end they all looked like idiots.

Watch Waters’ statement here:

This is what they have resorted to people. The Democrats are so desperate to try and stop President Trump that they are parading idiots like Maxine Waters in front of the cameras because they are “intelligent” black women, the intelligent part is questionable.

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