Powerful Democrat Makes Horrifying Admission, Media Won’t Report It


One Democrat in California unintentionally made an eye-opening admission while writing on Twitter this week. Republicans and American patriots should sit up and take notice.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), someone who has been touted as a candidate for president in 2022, admitted that at least 20,000 illegal immigrants work as teachers in the United States.

The admission came after Senator Harris shared an article from USA Todaywhich reiterated the statistic.

The goal of both Harris and the article was to support DACA, the piece of legislation that would keep so-called “Dreamers” inside the United States. Democrats and open borders Republicans routinely talk about Dreamers as if they are all just children who were brought to this country against their will.

Overall, there are 800,000 Dreamers in this country. A full 20 percent came to America above the age of 10. The average age for all DACA recipients is now 25. They’re hardly the vulnerable children that the Left portrays them as.

In September, Breitbart published a shocking statistic that Democrats want to keep hidden: over 2,000 DACA recipients have been arrested for committing crimes against American citizens.

Allowing unverified immigrants into the education system to teach the nation’s children raises some concerns. Aside from the fact that many Hispanic immigrants in the United States support socialism and left-wing politics, illegal immigrants cannot be properly vetted.

By placing thousands of illegal immigrant educators into our school systems, we risk unknowingly putting pedophiles or sexual predators into close proximity with children.

According to a poll released back in 2000, 4.5 million K-12 students, or about one in 10, reported experiencing some sort of sexual abuse at the hands of an educator.

When it comes to pedophilia, young children are much more likely to be molested by family members and teachers than they are by career criminals.

These percentages could increase — the American immigration system has proven itself incapable of screening all illegal and legal immigrants who come into this country every year. The alternative media has singled out several cases where illegal immigrants from Latin America have been caught molesting, harassing, and raping minors. Should the country continue to risk allowing such people into teaching positions?

Senator Harris, like a lot of far-Left liberals, does not appear to actually care about human rights or the rights of children. These words are all a smoke screen. What she really cares about is her team. This is tribal.

The Democrats consider illegal immigrants, non-Christians, women, minorities, welfare recipients, and wealthy globalists to be members of their team.

That’s why they always support such groups, although they sometimes make a victim hierarchy out of them. Often, the Democrat Party reaches out to these folks and attempts to motivate them for votes more than any other groups.

When Republicans point out the inconsistencies in the Democrat base, it tends to fall flat simply because American politics has become tribal. When an outsider criticizes insiders, the insiders circle around each other based on fear and loathing of the outsider.

Harris’ admission should shock Americans, but it should be overly surprising. For eight years, anarcho-tyranny ruled the land, and many Democrats are working for its return.

Do you think illegal immigrants be barred from holding teaching positions?