James Corden Pulls Ultimate Prank On David Beckham With Fake Statue

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James Corden Pulls Ultimate Prank On David Beckham With Fake Statue

As the Los Angeles Galaxy were preparing to honor their legendary former player David Beckham with a statue outside the stadium, James Corden and his team devised an intricate plan to prank David with annoying fans, a half-hearted highlight reel and – the best of all – a replica of the statue that’s nothing short of an abomination.

Unaware that he was being pranked, Beckham thought the cameras were recording footage for the club to share online. To his credit, David did remarkably well to keep his cool as the actors did everything they could to piss him off.

To get him in the right mood, Coden sent in a guy posing as a fan. He kept calling Beckham “Dave” (which he hates) and got the name of his team wrong.

Then LA Galaxy’s president, Chris Klein, showed what was called a reel of “highlights” from Beckham’s career, including missed goals, fights, and red cards.

However, everyone has their boiling point. And for Dave, it was the monstrosity unveiled in front of him. The “sculptor” who created the “statue” (another actor) was walking him around the monstrosity, trying to talk it up. The demon eyes, the unexplainably long chin, and even longer arms.

Watch the entire prank in the video below:

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