Donald Trump Shares Dancing Pallbearers Meme to Mock Biden

dancing pallbearers, donald trump, joe biden

President Donald Trump shared a “dancing pallbearers” meme Tuesday on Facebook, modified to display former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign logo on the side of a coffin.

The meme features the dancing pallbearers with the Biden 2020 logo on the coffin, suggesting that the campaign is dead after the former vice president infamously told black Americans on Friday that they “ain’t black” if they vote for President Trump. He also falsely claimed to have received endorsements from the NAACP.

Videos of the dancing pallbearers grew in popularity in 2017 and featured in online memes across the internet. The meme also surged in popularity in 2020, during the coronavirus crisis.

Benjamin Aidoo, the founder of the dance troupe in Ghana, spoke about his business idea in an April interview.

“We know that something very horrible is happening all over the world, but we are also proud that our videos help people to have a little fun,” Aidoo said.