Cruz Calls Out Biden Border Hypocrisy: Trump Let Reporters In, You Won’t – Stop Hiding Your Failures

Sen. Ted Cruz penned a scathing letter to President Biden over the president’s refusal to allow the media to tour border holding facilities.

“This past Thursday and Friday, eighteen of my Senate colleagues and I visited the border and witnessed firsthand the staggering public health and humanitarian crisis caused by your policies,” Cruz wrote in the letter. “We understand the heartbreaking tragedy unfolding at the border because we were there. We saw it. But the American people are unable to see it because you remain intent on keeping the media from shining a light on your administration’s failures.”

Cruz then detailed how crowded the facilities were, a situation made even more dire by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They could not show the American people what it looks like when a tent city built to house 250 children under COVID restrictions instead houses 4,200,” Cruz wrote. “They could not show the American people cages after cages of little boys lying side-by-side, of little girls lying side-by-side, covered with reflective emergency blankets with virtually no space between them. They could not see the playpen of infants and toddlers brought here by human traffickers and then left alone. They could not see the row of children who, having just been crammed into the crowded cages, were now testing positive for COVID-19.”

Cruz then slammed the administration for failing to let the press document the situation.

“The reporters and the cameras could not see any of this because you, President Biden, prevented it. I sent you a letter last week urging you to allow us to bring media with us,” Cruz said. “Not only did you refuse, you actively worked to prevent the American public from seeing what we saw. When I took pictures to show the American people the conditions at the Donna facility (after blurring all faces to protect the privacy of the individuals held there), a political appointee sent by your administration jumped in front of my camera to try to stop me from doing my job. She threatened another senator that if he did not delete his pictures, the entire delegation would be kicked out and prevented from conducting our constitutional oversight role.”

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