CNN Polls: Biden Leads Trump by Five in Florida, Four in Arizona, and 12 in Michigan

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Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in three key battleground states, according to CNN polls released Sunday.

In Florida, Biden leads with 51 percent to Trump’s 46 percent support. In Arizona, 49 percent support Biden and only 45 percent support Trump in Michigan, Biden lead with 52 percent to Trump’s 40 percent.

The survey was conducted between July 18-24 and support for a candidate was calculated by respondents who are registered to vote.

Biden supporters admit their vote is less about their support for the former vice president and more about voting against Trump.

Fifty-six percent of Arizona voters say their vote is more about voting against Trump while only 39 percent say their vote is about supporting Biden. In Michigan 51 percent and in Florida 48 percent say their vote is more about voting against Trump.

President Trump continues to get a majority approval on his handling of the economy in Arizona and Florida, but nearly 60 percent of voters in the three states disapprove of his handling on the coronavirus outbreak and racial inequality.

Sixty-three percent of voters in Florida and 57 percent of voters in Arizona believe the worst is yet to come in the coronavirus outbreak in their states. In Michigan, some 51 percent believe the worst is behind them.

The Trump campaign argues corporate media polls routinely underestimate Republican turnout.

In an interview with Breitbart News Political Editor Matthew Boyle on Saturday, Trump campaign Director of Communications Tim Murtaugh noted that Republican turnout in 2016 and 2018 was at 33 percent.

The survey included 1,003 adults in Michigan; 29 percent Democrats, 25 percent Republicans, and 46 percent independents or members of another party. In Arizona, 1,002 adults 26 percent Democrats, 26 percent Republicans, and 48 percent as
independents or members of another party.

In Florida, 1,005 adults with 30 percent Democrats, 30 percent Republicans, and 40 percent independents or members of another party.

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