BREAKING: CNN News Edited Footage Of The Inauguration Crowd! See How Huuuge It Really Was!

CNN News
Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flikr

CNN News

Leave it to CNN to try something that you would only think possible in the Soviet Union, but that is the level of propaganda that they have stooped to at this point.

They are beyond desperate to save themselves and are now going to radically left that they are about to fall off the edge.

A Reddit user picked up on them splicing in footage of the crowd before it had filled up into the “live” broadcast, making it look like the crowd was much smaller than it really was.

Here are some examples of CNN trying to paint the picture that Trump didn’t have a packed house!

Leave it to the crooked mainstream media to try and spoil this glorious day!

Here is another example of them splicing in footage from before the event!


Too bad there are real photos of the event to prove CNN wrong and that they tried to misrepresent the event!

Here is a photo of the actual crowd and as you can tell it is packed all the way back to the Washington Monument! They couldn’t fit anybody else in there!

Photo from VFisEPIC via Reddit

This just goes to show how crooked CNN is and Donald Trump is right to call them fake news! Real news organizations don’t doctor footage to make it look how they want!

Don’t let their lies take away from this glorious day! Today our 45th President was sworn in. Today we received a leader that listens to the people and acts on their behalf. Today we received a patriot for a President and one that will not only better this country but also Make It Great Again!

Today marks the beginning of our country moving forward after 8 years of walking backwards and we are all ready to step forward and leave critics like CNN behind!

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