Chuck Schumer Was Jumping For Joy After He Saw The Results Of One Shocking Election


Democrats are predicting a blue wave to wash across America in the November elections.

Party leaders are banking on the liberals hatred of President Trump to power them to victory.

The left is monitoring every special election in America, and a shocking election in Wisconsin just left Chuck Schumer jumping for joy.

In Wisconsin, left-wing judge Rebecca Dallet defeated conservative judge Michael Screnock for an open seat on the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

It was the first victory by a liberal in an open seat Supreme Court election since 1995.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker hopped on twitter and warned of a blue wave sweeping Wisconsin – and maybe America – in November, unless Republican voters match the Democrats enthusiasm.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin is one of ten Democrat incumbents running for re-election in states Donald Trump won.

Chuck Schumer is desperate to hold all ten of those seats and pick off two Republican incumbents.

That would allow the Democrats to install him as Majority Leader.

Schumer could then block not only the entire Trump agenda, but also Trump nominations including conservative judges.

The result in the Wisconsin Supreme Court race showed the liberal base is fired up to vote—and left Schumer and the Democrats one step closer to their dream of winning the midterms and slamming the breaks on the Trump Presidency.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.


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