Chelsea Clinton Says That Michigan Allows Gay Patients To Die! She Is Spreading Fake News!

chelsea michigan gay patients

Chelsea Clinton inaccurately tweeted Friday that The state of Michigan House of Representatives voted to permit emergency healthcare providers to have an option in treating patients, particularly providing EMTs the choice to refuse treatment to gay patients.

“Completely daunting,” the previous First Daughter tweeted, “Michigan House-Passed Bill Permitting EMTs To Refuse Therapy To Gay People.”

The story plot Clinton cited was from the website for your LGBT New Now Next Awards, as well as was published in 2014. When followers pointed out the story was old, Clinton removed her tweet.

Not only is the story old, yet the real premise was seriously problematic. What The state of Michigan House really passed was obviously a garden range Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which may have exempted spiritual people from regulations that infringed on their spiritual beliefs.

Like the majority of state RFRAs, The state of Michigan bill included a clause that allows their state to infringe on spiritual beliefs whenever there’s a “compelling government interest.” The actual preservation of human life is broadly thought to qualify, based on legal specialists.

The misconception that this bill allows ambulance drivers to let homosexual people bleed out in the roadway obviously stems from a local CBS history, which was, later on, picked up through CBS News’ national website.

“For instance, a Christian physician who does not believe in a homosexual lifestyle may not have to deal with a homosexual patient, inch CBS Detroit legal expert Charlie Langton said during the time.” Or possibly, a Judaism butcher may not have to manage nonkosher meats.”

Once the primary CBS story was published, the Stanford legislation professor informed the Weekly Standard that Langton was just completely wrong.

“The identical law has been on the books at the government level and many states for almost 20 years and no such claim has been made. And if it were, it might lose within the court, most likely unanimously,” said Michael W. McConnell, who was the former government appeals court judge.

The bill Chelsea Clinton’s tweet referred to and attacked also has analysis equivalent. The actual Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 93 was ironically signed by her own dad, President Bill Clinton.

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