Chelsea Clinton Records Message for International Women’s Day – Social Media Pounces

Poor Chelsea Clinton. At this point, it’s becoming routine for the former First Daughter to turn herself into a punching bag on social media.

This morning was no different, as Chelsea Clinton sent a cheerful message in celebration of International Women’s Day to “Good Morning America.”

You can see Chelsea’s remarks below:

Regarding her mother, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Chelsea said this: “My mom has definitely inspired me the most, with my grandmother. I’m just so thankful to have such kind of strong, fierce women role models in my family who I have been lucky enough to be loved by, to love, to look up to — and to kind of have as my North stars, as I think about how best to lead the life that I feel called to lead in the world.”

What’s that again? Lead the life you feel called to lead in the world? How does one lead one’s life, one wonders.

Chelsea’s vacuous, feel-good corporate speak somehow manages to be both boring and painfully grating all at once. Per usual, conservatives on Twitter were quick to respond. And it ain’t pretty.

Now where’s that clapboard….it’s somewhere around here….aha! Cue scene, action!

Ouch. It’s endlessly fascinating that liberals continue to cheer on Chelsea as an icon of feminism when her father was a known abuser who treated young women like his personal playthings. When pressed on that fact, Chelsea is quick to demur, saying that such a topic is out of line.

I bet Chelsea would never say that to the women who have suffered the indignity of coming face to face with her father’s libido on this International Women’s Day.

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