CEO of Packetsled just threatened to snipe Donald Trump!

The FBI needs to arrest him right now!

His Bio:

Matt Harrigan is a security industry veteran. He is accredited with inventing and popularizing the practice of commercial penetration testing in Kevin Poulsen’s recent NY Times best selling book “Kingpin.” In 1994, Mr. Harrigan founded MCR, where he rolled out the industry’s first Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

Mr. Harrigan is the former CEO of Critical Assets, a security R&D company that the Pentagon looks to for innovative security concepts. He has served as the President of NSS Labs, the industry’s leading security product performance laboratory and as a Vice President for Trustwave (TWAV).


Mr. Harrigan is frequently covered by the media, including The Wall Street Journal, CBS and ABC News, Forbes magazine, Fortune magazine, Inc. Magazine, Computer World, and others.


This is absolutely not ok! This man should be in jail right now!

What makes it worse is that he later came out and said that it was all a joke. It’s not a joke to threaten the President-elect’s life!

Matt Harrigan should be fired immediately for threatening Trumps life. This man is not a real leader!

Harrigan’s apology later on Facebook is such a joke too! This guy is unbelievable!

Harrigan later posted an apology on Facebook:

My recent facebook comment was intended to be a joke, in the context of a larger conversation, and only privately shared as such. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not engage in this form of rhetoric with any level of seriousness and the comment most certainly does not represent my real personal views in any regard. I apologize if anything that I said was either taken seriously, was offensive, or caused any legitimate concern. Best Regards, Matt Harrigan

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