Celebrities Sing “I Will Survive Trump” In Bizarre Protest Song

The Anti-Trump celebrity loons just don't get it they keep making themselves look dumber every day.


The Anti-Trump celebrity loons just don’t get it they keep making themselves look dumber every day.

Now you probably saw the liberal fools in tears the day after the election,idiots like Miley Cyrus,Perez Hilton,Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Fallon,however now they want to show how tough they are with less than one week until the inauguration.

So some a list celebrities including Emma Stone,Mathew Mconaugh and Natalie Portman have come together for a glorious rendition of Gloria Gaynors i will survive which was posted on the W magazine’s youtube channel.

Now at first look you may think this is some sort of parody to make fun of the other Celebrities who are literally in tears over Trump’s win this is for serious just because Hillary Clinton lost these people think they are going to die.

Despite this being the saddest Anti Trump collaboration yet the Huffington Conpost said “Celebrities Stick It To Donald Trump” with the Dramatic rendition of I Will Survive

I mean they sure as hell stuck it to him i’m sure mr Trump will be devastated that some celebrity loonatics saying something mean about him.

So just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier it has from Rosie O’Donnell wishing for Martial Law on Trump in order to stop him, and Charlie Sheen praying to god to kill Donald Trump we now have this

When will these people learn.




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