democrats stupid dumb

Opinion: Why are Democrats suddenly so stupid?

Fighting for more equality isn’t the same as government running things — badly We’ve grown accustomed to how, if you take a day off, President Donald Trump will say...
Mark Dice, wikipedia, bias

Most Famous Conservative Journalist Against Fake CNN News Mark Dice Now Exposed Wikipedia

Conservative YouTube star Mark Dice and Wikipedia are in a fight that is seemingly out of a George Orwell novel. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls...
Sarah Sanders, The White House, Wikileaks, Crime

The White House Fires Back On Wikileaks

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders held the first press briefing of 2019 and reminded the activist reporters in the room that every media outlet has used WikiLeaks as a...
buzzfeed fake news collapsing

GREAT NEWS: “Fake news” BuzzFeed is collapsing on itself as media layoffs continue

BuzzFeed, one of the highest profile entertainment and news sites on the internet, plans to cut 15 percent of its workforce, US media reports said. The cuts stand to...
minds, facebook change, free network

MINDS First Free Social Network

Finally we got the best replacement for censored Facebook network, it`s called, first free social network based on block-chain technology totally decentralized and free for use and posting everything you want.
jimmy pot, dealer, leonardo dicaprio

The Insane Rise and Fall of New York’s Biggest Pot Dealer Ever

The takedown of a major drug dealer doesn’t happen overnight, as the investigation into marijuana kingpin Jimmy Cournoyer demonstrates. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began looking into the Queens, New York-based drug...

The Top 12 Moments for Donald Trump in 2018

12) Donald Trump rallies with Rush Limbaugh  President Donald Trump chose to close out the 2018 midterm election campaign with a final campaign rally in Missouri with talk radio legend Rush...

Trump takes calls from children who want to find Santa Claus

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump answered Christmas Eve telephone calls from children anxious to locate Santa. Trump asked one child whether he still believed in Santa and told...
Clinton CNN Fake News

Fake CNN News Again!

STOP Spreading Fake News! CNN is master class media of doing Fake News. CNN: Clinton campaign officials, including those who ran her opposition research operation said that they never received information from Chalupa. Wikileaks did a fact check...
Thanksgiving turkeys U.S. troops deployed army

Deployed U.S. Troops Send Thanksgiving Shoutouts to Families, Friends

Troops deployed around the world, including in war zones, took a moment’s respite from their efforts to keep America safe to film Thanksgiving greetings for family and friends back home in videos posted by...
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