Carlson: ‘Our Political Class Has Deliberately Decided to Use This Pandemic as a Way to Gain Political Power’

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During his show’s opening monologue that aired on Thursday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson explained how those in positions of power were attempting to capitalize off the coronavirus pandemic to increase the amount of power they have over the public.

Carlson offered examples of it and pointed out other examples of hypocrisy from those in charge.

Transcript as follows:

CARLSON: It is Thanksgiving. We hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family. Nothing is more important or happier than spending time with the people you love.

We haven’t had a lot of chances to do that this year, we’ve been pulled apart. Many Americans are alone tonight, more than any time in our history. A lot has changed in this country. But a lot remains the same and we should be thankful for that.

In a year when cultural vandals and tragically unhappy graduate students set out to destroy virtually everything in sight from statues of the saints to the very idea of Columbus Day, they haven’t gotten Thanksgiving yet. It remains and there’s a reason for that.

Americans care about Thanksgiving and they have for a very long time. Back in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt moved the holiday a week earlier. He said it was an effort to boost the economy during the Great Depression, but it seemed to many Americans weird and undignified, and they mocked him for it.

They called Thanksgiving, Frank’s giving. Congress heard what they were saying and eventually moved Thanksgiving back where it belonged, and where it is now. We’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November ever since then.

In a time of political upheaval, and this certainly is one, you’ll notice that no politician tried to move Thanksgiving or call it Juneteenth. We should be grateful for that. It’s an enduring American tradition.

At the same time, though, we have to tell you the obvious, we are witnessing fundamental changes in the way this country works; changes that Congress won’t be able to undo simply by voting and it’s not just because the coronavirus came here from Wuhan, China and upended everything, though it did, it is because our political class has deliberately decided to use this pandemic as a way to gain political power for themselves.

We’re not speculating about that. It’s not a conspiracy theory. They’ve said so out loud, over and over again.

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