Carlson exposes massive fraud in Obama phone program!

There aren’t too many positive things that people can say happened during the Obama administration, things just seemed to deteriorate with each day under the Obama administration and it is only when Trump came in the Oval Office that things were starting to improve.

The corruption scandals that have Obama’s name all over them just keep piling up. We all know how the former president enjoyed and still enjoys to have the time of his life at the cost of U.S. taxpayers. Recently, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson revealed the shocking truth on what Obama has actually been spending much of the hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Carlson elaborated on what occurred in one program the Obama administration initiated.

“Investigators say that getting bogus applications approved is ludicrously easy, and as many as 36 percents of all beneficiaries from the program should have been rejected,” said Tucker.

This is further proof that the Obama administration was either incapable or unwilling to amend its own issues. It seems as though they did as they pleased.

“Lifeline,” that’s the name of the project, that was initially started in 1985 to aid the destitute families to be able to buy a family phone. However, with Obama, this program took a turn for the worse. The former President allowed people to take advantage of the program, enabling them to get several phones for free. Basically, this cost the U.S. taxpayers millions in fraudulent charges.

Will someone answer for this? Well, judging by other similar situations that have occurred in the past, it is highly implausible that someone will be held accountable. But we should know than to expect more from the former Obama administration.

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