Tucker Carlson Just Destroyed Tariq Nasheed For His Comments About Hero OSU Cop!

Tariq Nasheed

Tariq Nasheed

Somehow no matter what, people turn everything into an issue of race. That is exactly what happened with Black Lives Matter advocate Tariq Nasheed after his controversial comments about Officer Horujko, the heroic cop that shot and killed the terrorist at Ohio State University.

It should be pretty obvious that Officer Horujko was a hero in this situation, saving innocent lives in taking down the terrorist, but that’s not the way that Nasheed saw the situation.

He saw it as an issue of a white cop shooting a black man, which is just simply not the case.

Tucker Carlson thought he should clarify Tariq Nasheed’s tweets on the event for everyone so he invited Nasheed onto his show.

Watch the interview below via High Energy:

The interview instantly gets polarized into a race issue and Nasheed doesn’t have anything to say to Tucker Carlson’s question of why Officer Horujko isn’t a hero for saving the lives of innocent Americans.

Nasheed just turns to insulting Carlson to the entirety of Fox News as his response.

Not exactly clarifying why you think that Officer Horujko isn’t a hero now are you Nasheed.

Tucker Carlson didn’t rise to the baiting of Tariq Nasheed and just further made him look silly throughout the rest of the interview.

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