Carlson angrily confronts Obama official: Show evidence for claim that Russia ‘hacked’ election!

Tucker Carlson is the best thing in this moment on cable TV!

He is so good, we love this man! He is the future of the political TV shows!

A discussion about Susan Rice on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show Monday night quickly devolved into a shouting match over the legitimacy of allegations that Russia “hacked” last year’s presidential election to aid then-candidate Trump.

Carlson pointed to a Monday report from Circa that said Rice’s interest in the intelligence with Trump officials accelerated throughout last year’s presidential election.

That looks political to me,” he said. “Why in the world could she possibly be unmasking the names of people in the campaign against her preferred candidate?

Tafuri disagreed with what Carlson was “insinuating” and countered that Rice most likely needed to unmask names to understand the scope of the intelligence so she could carry out the duties of her job.

The former Obama official added that the entire discussion about spying goes back to the allegation that Russia “hacked” last year’s presidential election to help Trump win. At that, Carlson had had enough.

What’s this about? What’s this about?” Carlson asked. “We all assume we know Russia ‘hacked’ the election, and I’m just asking you: Why has not one person — not one and I do this every single night — characterized what exactly that means?

I’m getting very frustrated. I don’t know what it means to hack an election,” Carlson explained. “I don’t know what exactly they did to constitute a crime so severe that you’d have to spy on the Trump campaign to prove it.

Tucker, hacked into the DNC’s emails and they leaked those emails out in a strategic way to impact the election,” Tafuri responded, getting visibly angry. But Carlson still wasn’t buying what Tafuri was trying to sell.

Tucker is so right! Russia did not hacked the election, this is just democrats crying like small kids for months. This is just pathetic!

They need to man up and give Trump a chance! America will be great again!

(h/t) The Blaze

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