Candace Owens slams US embassies for flying Black Lives Matter flag: They are ‘celebrating Black death’

Candace Owens

Author and conservative analyst Candace Owens joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday to discuss why the Biden State Department authorized American embassies to fly the Black Lives Matter flag on the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

CANDACE OWENS: The U.S. embassies are celebrating Black death. I cringe when people call it Black Lives Matter protests because it’s Black Lives Matter riots. The cities burned for six weeks straight following the death of George Floyd. Black neighborhoods rioted, they were looted and it led to more Black death. Way more Black Americans died during the Black Lives Matter riots than the one Black American killed by a police officer that allegedly started this entire spree. It makes you ask questions. Why is America promoting Black Lives Matter which is a corporation? Black Lives Matter raises money and it’s dark money because nobody knows where the money goes. So why would the U.S. government stand behind that? Where is the due diligence? If the State Department is going to stand behind this shouldn’t they issue a memo to let us know where the money is going? Wouldn’t that be the responsible thing since Joe Biden wants to give billions of more dollars to the IRS. Maybe he could invest that money to look into Black Lives Matter and tell us where the money is going. I think they know where the money is going and they don’t want us to look into it. There is a reason they [the U.S. government] has been promoting Black Lives Matter from the start. It’s not because they want to save Black lives. Because Black Lives Matter, the movement and the corporation, leads to more Black deaths. That much is indisputable.

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