Jerry Brown Fiercely Retaliated Against Agitators During A Press Conference!


Governor of California Jerry Brown retaliated against leftist hecklers that interrupted his speech about climate change in Germany, by joking “Let’s put you in the ground.”

The video of the incident was published online and it shows Brown being rudely interrupted when addressing a conference of America’s pledge, an initiative led by Brown himself and Michael Bloomberg.

America’s pledge is self-described as the following: “America’s Pledge brings together private and public sector leaders to ensure the United States remains a global leader in reducing emissions and delivers the country’s ambitious climate goals of the Paris Agreement.” Several agitators decided to shout at Brown’s points. He tried to ignore and shrug off the interruptions. As they continued Brown stated: “I agree with you, on the ground. Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show here.”

This is very California,” Brown continued jokingly. “Actually that’s very mild.”
Then there was another group of people interrupting his address wearing Native American garb and shouting demands. He responded to that saying “If I could turn off the oil today, 32 million vehicles would stop, and 10 million jobs would be destroyed overnight.”

Despite his strong drive for climate change, Brown has been the cause of a large number of protests in regards to his refusal to stop hydraulic fracturing in California.

Rather than to actually save time and energy and address what America’s Pledge is all about by video, or any of the other modern means of transferring information, Brown decided to travel to the conference as part of a grueling, long tour around Europe, managing to burn tons of carbon along the way.

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