BREAKING: Outrage erupts at UC Berkeley causing Milo Yiannopoulos’ event to be shut down

Source: Angelie Castaneda

On February 1, 2017, Milo Yianoppoulos was expected to speak at the University of California Berkeley, completing his last speaking engagement for his Dangerous Faggot college tour until it was canceled due to mass chaotic riots.

Once word was released of his future Berkeley appearance, events were planned by radicals to counter Milo’s speech. At the same time, student organizers planning for Milo’s appearance, the Berkeley College Republicans, were quickly doxed online for their involvement of what the protestors deemed “fascism” and “racism.”

I was part of the group of Milo supporters excited for the days leading up to the event. Once I arrived, things didn’t go as planned.

The day of the event, chaos quickly formed after groups apart of the Black Block and Antifa began ripping down barricades, setting a large mobile light on fire, shooting fireworks at the building where the event was expected to take place, and viciously attacking supporters of Yianoppoulos.

Source: Angelie Castaneda

One floor below where Milo’s speech was expected, windows of the Amazon building were destroyed using barricades that were supposed to keep protestors orderly.

Source: Angelie Castaneda

A mobile light used to illuminate the surrounding area was knocked over and then set ablaze after rioters spray painted “Milo” crossed out on it.

Yianoppoulos was quickly escorted out of the area by his security detail and UC Berkeley police when safety became an imminent concern. Moments later, Milo announced on his Facebook page that the event was canceled:

Source: via Facebook

At one point, police began shooting plastic bullets at the crowd causing them to vehemently run in various directions. I ran as quickly as I could securing safety so I could continue observing the chaos that was brewing.

As protests intensified, supporters of Milo were attacked by swarms of fascists and radical liberals. I witnessed one man, by the name of Eddie Brock, being attacked by multiple people while others cheered the attackers on. The man was bleeding out of his face as he continued to make his stand against the radical leftist that were there to shut down free speech.

Another Milo supporter, immediately after giving an interview to ABC 7 News, was maced directly in the face by fascists.

During the 60’s, UC Berkeley students fought hard to establish their freedom of speech, which would be later known as the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. Today, based on the events that unfolded throughout the night, the Free Speech Movement has died.

The Berkeley College Republicans tried their best adding to Berkeley’s diversity by hosting a guest with conservative views, but in the end, radical leftists decided to fight against free speech, pushing the movement backwards.