BREAKING: Liberal CEO Just Said INSANE Thing About Trump Supporters! Watch Tucker Carlson Destroy Him In 10 Sec!

Democrats are still at a loss for words following the election and it has subsequently resulted in rash behavior in the forms of riots and angry rants on mainstream media as well as people saying they won’t do business with people that support Donald Trump.

Mathew Blanchfield the CEO of 1st in SEO recently appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson after he stated that he would no longer do business with people that supported Donald Trump. Well, he must be prepared to lose business over this because righting off over half the country based on someone they support is insane.

Tucker Carlson doesn’t waste any time in getting to the point and makes Blanchfield look silly as he tries to cover his statements by saying that it is on moral grounds that he won’t do business with Trump supporters.

He says that he won’t condone bigotry and racism so and that people must stand up to these things and not let them go.

He basically called all Trump supporters bigots and racists!

This is unforgivable and to throw wild generalizations out is never the answer. This is why the country remains divided. Liberals think they are morally superior based off of the picture that the lying mainstream media has painted of Donald Trump.

This is absolutely unforgivable and if this country is going to heal this kind of thinking needs to stop. Thinking likes this only divides the country further in a time that the country must band together more than ever to meet the growing challenges of tomorrow.

We can’t allow this kind of thinking to persist and need to correct this type of thinking with the facts and the truth.

Blanchfield is a horrible example of how to reunite this country.

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