You’ll Never Guess What Border Patrol Agents Just Found — Sends Mexico Into Full Meltdown

A nation that winks at criminal activities is a society on the decline. Criminals and those who benefit by their actions often resort to efforts to downplay the seriousness of the offenses or even to assert that the crimes being committed are of an alleged benefit. The bootleggers of the 1920s were well known for donating a portion of their ill-gotten gains to charitable institutions. That some benefited was true, but that doesn’t excuse the criminal acts themselves.

Problems with our border with Mexico involve more that just illegal immigrants entering the country. Drug lords ship their products into the our country over that border, or sometimes, under it as we are learning.

It turns out that, “Mexican cartels use a number of innovative means to smuggle both humans and drugs into the United States, though the latest discovery by the Border Patrol has many scared to death. The Border Patrol Entry Team, aka ‘tunnel rats,’ recently announced the discovery of 224 tunnels that run from Mexico into California and Arizona.”

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That’s a lot of tunnels. And a lot of tunneling to create them. All you need is a building on either side of the border and some folks to dig the tunnel to connect them, and your illicit business’ most difficult distribution problem is solved. That is until some law enforcement agency discovers the tunnel and fills it up with concrete.

These things aren’t cheap to create either. In fact, “the Drug Enforcement Agency estimates that these tunnels cost $1 million to $2 million a piece and that they can generate several more millions in revenue if they are used without being detected. Some even have lighting and a rail system.” Someone is clearly making a lot of money if it pays to create over 200 of these things.

Donald Trump has been labeled xenophobic and racist for his promises to seal the border with Mexico such that only legal cargo and authorized individuals enter the country. Of course these accusations are nonsense. We are not talking about race, religion, or anything else here.

The point is to eliminate a distribution network whereby criminals bring cocaine, heroin, and marijuana into our country along with persons who have no permission to enter. Race or religion has nothing to do with the drugs, and those transporting them as well as those entering the country illegal are criminals regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

That this has to be explained repeatedly is not only a waste of time, but illustrates the obdurate attitudes of those on the left who cannot come to terms with the truth that some people do bad things and need to be stopped. Until they figure that out, we, and our president, have our work cut out for us.

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