‘Blood Is On His Hands’: Whoopi Goldberg Says She’s Never Seen A President Who ‘Didn’t Care Whether People Lived Or Died’

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg said Thursday that President Donald Trump was “sitting around doing nothing” even as coronavirus cases continued to rise.

Whoopi Goldberg argued on ABC’s “The View” that Trump was not doing anything to help Americans who were suffering, saying, “I’ve never seen a president that didn’t care whether people lived or died.”

Sunny Hostin began the segment by noting that, since the election, President Trump has been making claims about voter fraud and a stolen election — and that a number of his supporters appear to have been convinced that he is right.

“I was reading yesterday that 50% of Republicans, at least half believe that Donald Trump — that there was rampant voter fraud and Donald Trump really did win the election,” she said. “So that’s kind of — it’s not shocking, but if they believe that, they also believe everything that is coming out of this administration, and it’s just been lie upon lie upon lie, and it’s led to — to more and more death.”

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