WATCH: Biden’s Team IMMEDIATELY Cuts The Feed After He Opens The Floor For Questions

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Joe Biden’s handlers to continue the charade that is capable of carrying out the duties of the most powerful political office on the planet.

Throughout his five decades of swimming in the swamp, the former vice president has always been prone to gaffes and tripping over his own tongue, but in the last two years, his frequent mental lapses have led some to question whether he may be cognitively compromised.

Since being installed as the nation’s 46th president, Biden has largely been held back from public appearances that aren’t carefully managed to minimize the possibility that he could give the game away, and on Wednesday, his team went to extreme lengths to prevent him from self-destructing.

During a virtual event where Biden was speaking with House Democrats, he went off-script at the end by inviting questions leading to the hasty pulling of the plug on the “leader” of the free world.

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