Biden on His Climate Change Plan: Some Workers ‘Are Going to Be Displaced’

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Wednesday during CNN’s climate town hall, Democratic presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden said enacting his climate change plan meant some workers “will be displaced.”

Biden said, “This is the United States of America. There is not a thing we’ve not been able to accomplish once we set our mind to it. We have the best scientists in the word and when we resolve what we’re going to do and because of all of you in the studio audience and all those organizations that I’ve been associated with, they have decided enough is enough is enough. We have to act. Ans so that we can create enormous opportunity in Pennsylvania and Minnesota in California across the board.”

”Just think what happens if we are able to move in a direction we have 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles, what does that do?” he continued. “Well, that gives us a corner on the electric vehicle market. That will create thousands of good jobs in the automobile industry. We will own the market. Own the market. And we will be in addition to that transferring the technology that we come up with, more than any other country in the world with our capacity, selling it to the rest of the world. We’ll be creating jobs.”

He added, “Now the one thing you have to do in my view, some people will be displaced, some people in some industries will be more displaced than others. And you can’t just say well, what we’re going to do is automatically you’re going to all of a sudden make solar panels. Because, you know, when you look at Fortune when they say they are the two biggest job creators coming down the road solar and wind. Well, look what happened to our administration. We cut by an enormous percentage the efficiency of being able to generate wind and solar energy. It’s about what we can generate to set our minds to it. We walk around like what are we going to do? This is terrible.”

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