Biden Breaks Silence On Bloody Eye – His Reason Leaves People Scratching Their Heads

Former Vice President Joe Biden blamed his contacts as the reason why his left eye filled with blood during CNN’s climate change town hall last week.

Biden answered questions on his policies to combat climate change for 40 minutes on CNN during the Sept. 4 network event. During the middle of his answers, his left eye filled with blood from what appeared to be a burst blood vessel.

“It was my contact lens,” Biden told New Hampshire’s Laconia Daily Sun. “I think I, you know when you’re taking it out, I think bruised my eye.”

Biden, 76, also said he thought questions about his age and physical fitness are warranted because of his age.

“I think it’s totally appropriate for people to look at my age,” Biden said. “Just like when I was 29, was I old enough? And now, am I fit enough? I’ll completely disclose everything about my health. I’m in good shape.”

The Biden campaign so far has declined to address on the record any reason for what caused his bloody eye.