And So It Begins: CNN Just Suffered First HUUGE Hit After Horrible Kathy Griffin Picture!

Image Source: CBS

When has it ever been ok for someone to hold up a picture of a beheaded president, whether horribly poor and tactless joke or not.

Kathy Griffin has already begun losing tour dates for her picture holding up a severed head of President Trump and now her employer CNN is being punished for her idiotic and horrible actions.

Home security giant ADT has just announced that they will be pulling their advertising from CNN after Kathy Griffin’s stunt.

This is exactly what George Soros and his organization Media Matters has been trying to do to silence Sean Hannity and now that they started the media war the Democrats and CNN have just shot themselves in the face.

USAA originally pulled their ads from Hannity and then later returned them after harsh criticism of their decision from thousands of veterans.

It seems like the Democrats have resorted to using their own shameful tactics on themselves now.

It is only a matter of time before more large companies start to do the same and CNN’s already dropping ratings will plummet.

The worst part is that┬áCNN didn’t immediately fire Kathy Griffin for her photo!

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H/T The Gateway Pundit