Barack Obama Was Just REWARDED In A Major Way – Americans Are OUTRAGED!

Barack Obama was as corrupt as they come.

Now, he is set to be rewarded by a major Florida city.

This is detestable!

Check it out…

From Downtrend:

The day is coming when there will be monuments named after Barry, statues erected and perhaps even a movement to have his face carved into Mount Rushmore. This despite his being a historically mediocre, smooth talking, Teflon-coated shit salesman who was so crooked that he had to screw his pants on in the morning.

For now, he will have to settle for such gestures as Los Angeles naming a street after him, Illinois voting for a state holiday in his honor and St. Petersburg, Florida renaming its main library in his honor.

Tampa Bay Times has more:

Mayor Rick Kriseman announced Monday that the facility will get a $6 million renovation and be renamed in honor of President Barack Obama.

The announcement coincided with Presidents’ Day and Black History Month.

Kriseman said discussions began more than a year ago about how St. Petersburg could pay tribute to the nation’s first African-American president, “a man who served honorably for two terms and has already been ranked by historians as one of our better presidents.”

Input was sought from community leaders, among them Kai Warren of the Historic Roser Park neighborhood.

“It was universally supported by everybody,” said Warren of the group he described as diverse and made up of more than a dozen people.