BREAKING: Julian Assange Emerges From Shadows And RUINS Democrats! Watch What He Said About Russia!

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Julian Assange and WikiLeaks were crucial in this election because they showed the American people who Hillary Clinton and her cronies really were.

The Democrats didn’t have any response to the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager John Podesta, so instead they created a scape goat. They created a false narrative that Russia hacked the election machines and then forgot an important thing …


The Democrats never had any proof of Russian hacking and yet they are continuing with it because they would people rather think that Russia is in the act of cyber attacking the US then the Democrats are one of the most corrupt and crooked organizations ever to face the planet.

The Democrats also claimed that all of the leaked emails that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks released were from a Russian hack.

Well, Julian Assange just appeared on an interview with Sean Hannity and he shut down those rumors for once and all.

Watch a preview of the interview below:

It doesn’t get more confident than that now does it?

Well, now what’s your excuse Democrats?

WikiLeaks has a 100% accuracy rating for authentic documents and that is the real reason the Democrats want to discredit Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Hillary Clinton picked the wrong person to try and frame.

This is the last thing the Democrats wanted to see and this just exposed another one of their biggest lies.

The Democrats just proved that they haven’t learned from their mistakes and can’t be trusted at all!

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have done the American people a great service by exposing who Hillary Clinton and her cronies really are.

Let’s pray for Assange so that he can keep doing the important work that he is doing.

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